Align-A-Pad®  Bearing with Ears —  “Drop-in”   for  GE Steam Turbines

TRI 6-pad Align-A-Pad® Bearing has machined and assembled clearances that provide a “geometric pre-loaded design” which is excellent for controlling rotor vibration.  

TRI designs Tilting pad bearings to be direct replacements for GE and other OEM bearings.  Saddle Blocks on the Outside Surfaces of TRI Bearings match original ones, so lube oil supply passageways are maintained. This bearing style replaces GE elliptical bearings






Align-A-Pad®  Bearing with Integral “Strongback” For WECO Steam Turbines

TRI 6-pad Align-A-Pad® Bearing for Westinghouse Turbine Bearing No. 1.  Much easier assembly, disassembly, and alignment.  Bearing pads are contained in housing.  This bearing design has three Shimmable Saddle Blocks to permit the No. 1 Bearing to be Aligned Independently the same way as the other bearings. 

The “Strongback” is integral to this Bearing Housing to add stiffness. 






Align-A-Pad® Bearing with Yoke Support

A new TRI 6-pad Align-A-Pad® Bearing is fitted into a TRI Refurbished Yoke Support for a class  of Westinghouse Steam Turbine Bearings. TRI refurbishes the bottom yoke and the top removable “keyblock” to remove distortion resulting from years of service.  Then, TRI finishes the TRI bearing outside surfaces to mate to the yoke to provide stiff support.  

The machined and assembled clearances of these TRI 6-pad Bearings can be designed with unique “pre-load” to control sub-synchronous rotor vibration due to “steam whirl” and “nozzle block” steam forces associated with partial-arc steam admission.




TRI 22” 5-pad Journal Bearing  for Large 3600 rpm Generators

This 5-pad TRI bearing is a “drop-in” replacement for an elliptical bearing with spherical outside surfaces on the saddle blocks.  The end plates and alignment screws adjust tilt and twist during installation.  Self-aligning features of the TRI bearings maintain alignment of the pads to the journals at all times.  The lower pads have lift oil capability.  These bearings were chosen because they suppress severe sub-synchronous rotor vibration.  The Saddle Blocks are “double insulated” with each layer of insulation having over 550 megohms resistance. This 5-pad Bearing design can also be used for extremely heavy rotors at 1500 or 1800 rpm.  Examples are large LP Turbines and Generators with 1 meter (40 inch) diameter journals for approximately 1800 MW nuclear powered units.  The features of this bearing can be tailored to suit new applications or to suit retrofit units, regardless of the manufacturer.





Combined Journal and Thrust Bearing  for LP Turbines

TRI Combined 17” 5-pad Journal Bearing and 20” Fully Equalizing Double-Acting Thrust Bearing for a GE Large Steam Turbine.  This TRI bearing replaces the entire outer bearing ring, mating journal bearing with spherical fit and tapered land thrust bearing.  Self-aligning features of the TRI bearings compensate for irregular sliding of the front standard, permitting journal pads and thrust pads to remain aligned and properly loaded at all times. The TRI bearing assembly does not require any spherical ball fit to slide as the original GE design requires.








Steady Rest Bearing with Support Bracket

A Heavy Duty 5-pad TRI Bearing and support bracket replaces an existing 4-pad WECO Bearing when the Turbine Extension Shaft drives a Variable Speed Fluid Drive and Boiler Feed Pump.    Major improvements are large robust contact supports of TRI pads and the TRI Bearing is moved as an assembly to align the Extension Shaft. WECO bearings are replaced because the pad supports are half-inch diameter rods that pound out leading to high vibrations, whereas TRI Bearings control rotor vibrations for many years.







Steady Rest Bearing with Pedestal

A TRI 5-pad Tilting-pad Steady-rest Bearing with Pedestal and Elevation Blocks is used for another style of Westinghouse steam turbine extension Shaft. This TRI bearing arrangement is used when no steady-rest bearing was used before.  A primary objective achieved by this heavy duty TRI bearing is to stop vibrations of the extension shaft which greatly reduces the wear of the floating seal rings in the main oil pump.  The Bearing Clearances are set at TRI factory, and the bearing is aligned and the shaft is loaded by adjusting the three shimmable saddle blocks located on the outside of the Bearing.






Combined Journal and Thrust Bearing for  Synchronous Condensers

TRI Combined 8.5 inch 5-pad Journal Bearing and 10 inch Diameter Thrust Bearing for 200 MVA  Synchronous Condenser Extension Shaft.   The journal bearing is used in both generation and synchronous condenser modes.  The thrust bearings are used for synchronous condenser, and removed for generation mode.  These TRI bearings are designed for “quick change”.   Lift oil permits easy rotation for start-up in sync mode.







Small TRI Tilting Pad Bearing for High Speed Turbines or Compressors

This TRI Small Bore 5-pad Journal Bearing is a “drop-in”  replacement for certain standard journal bearings manufactured by others.   As is common for most TRI Tilting Pad Bearings, “Geometric Preload” is used to stiffen the oil films, which dramatically  reduces rotor vibration amplitudes.   TRI pad support contacts permit tilt and twist so the pads are self-aligning to the journals.  Consequently, these pads typically survive very high unbalance forces due to loss of buckets.






TRI Tilting Pad Journal Bearing Upgrade  for American-Standard Fluid Drives

High-powered Variable Speed Fluid Drives in Boiler Feed Pump Service under certain operating conditions develop high amplitude sub-synchronous rotor vibrations that damage the original pressure dam bearings.  In the early 1980s, TRI developed large diameter TRI Align-A-Pad® bearings and related shafting that would control these rotor vibrations and eliminate bearing damage.  Since then, these Fluid Drives typically run for over ten years with low vibration between scheduled inspections






TRI Tilting Pad Journal Bearings “Drop-in” American-Standard Fluid Drives

There are a number of American-Standard Fluid Drives that experience sub-synchronous rotor vibrations but they are not so severe as to require the complete tilting pad upgrade described just above.  In this case, this TRI Tilting Pad Bearing is a “drop-in” option.  The wall thickness of this bearing is the same as the standard fixed bore pressure-dam bearing.  Thermocouples are inserted in the end of a bottom pad.